Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 2-3 hours
Distance: 14.3 km
Up: 276 m
Down: 336 m

Flying High is an easy trail that is especially great for hiking beginners or families with children because it is quite short, flat, and easy to complete. It starts in a small village called Düdinghausen and ends near the city Korbach. It cover a length of 14.3 km and takes around two and three hours, but of course you should schedule some more time if case you want to spend so more time enjoying the breathtaking view or have a lunch break on the way.


In Düdinghausen, where your trip starts, you can admire beautiful small historic buildings that make you think the time stood still. In case you didn’t bring food and drinks yet, don’t worry, you can can get some in the traditional corner shop in the village centre. But attention: in Germany the stores are usually closed on Sunday. Apart from that, Düdinghausen casts a spell over you with its extraordinary location between hills and forests.

From there on, your Sauerland hiking adventure through stunning views, landscapes and other landmarks begins.

You will come across broad fields and acres. Sauerland in general, but especially this part of the region, is a quite rural and farmerly area. So look forward to seeing many cows and horses along your way. Sometimes you may even have to cross a cow pasture in order to continue the trail. But there is no reason to be afraid of the grazers, as they are very peaceful and used to humans. Maybe you will even pet a cow for the first time in your life?


Right after that, you dive into the deep forest. Depending on the current season, you will have a totally unique experience. In winter you may step trough the fresh snow that appears like glitters when the suns shines on it. In spring, forest animals like deers and boars with their offsprings can cross your way while you enjoy the birds singing. In the summer months, you can hunt for berries of all kind. In autumn, you should definitely go on a mushroom foray. But pay attention that you don´t pick up toxic mushrooms!

One of the highlights along your way will be the ruins of Eisenberg, a castle that was probably built in the early 13th century. From the top of the ruin, you will have a great view over the trail that you have just hiked along. In the other direction, you will already see the city of Korbach, where your journey will end. Korbach is a Hanseatic city that is over 1,000 years old. Therefore, you will find many historic buildings and sights within the town. 


Sounds like the perfect trail for you? Then there is only one last thing left to do before you can start your Sauerland Hiking Adventure: Download the map for the “Flying High” trail!